many miraculous mega men


my progress through the HD version has left me confident in my ability to 100% the game without a guide, due in large part to the stray bead collection telling you where the ones you’re missing are. But the animal menu doesn’t tell you that. And I missed 30% of all cats. I’m really worried about that.

I thought I couldn’t play or check my Wii version of Okami because my Wii can’t read discs, but I forgot I transfered all my save data to the Wii U, which can play gamecube games. Having just fought the boss of Oni Island, I decided to unravel the mystery

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a sense of calm washes over me as i realize i called in sick today to do absolutely nothing besides play okami and i’m going to manage a rock solid five hours of sleep before getting up for work tomorrow

pretty alright day

I would just turn on my wii and see how far i got but my wii doesn’t read discs anymore, so

my roommate offhandedly asked if I was on oni island when I was going through the moon cave this morning, which stirred memories of having gone to oni island on my prior playthrough. I think that is after the city stuff. Is that how far I got last time?? The mystery continues

my sole nitpick with Okami, specifically with the HD version, is that the draw distance on entities is pathetically small. It seems to vary depending on what exactly it is, but animals you can feed will often not visibly appear until you’re right next to them, making it a bit tedious to look for them. It doesn’t help that the game has a menu tracking my percentage-based completion of how many animals I’ve fed.

I’m having a hell of a time trying to piece together how far I got into Okami the first time. I’m not far now and I wasn’t far then but I suppose I’ll still make a spoiler cut

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the mole fight was almost as bad at the crab fight, until I decided to chance it and realized you can totally roll, jump, and hover from your cart over to the rest of the carts from max distance and not have to dodge pickaxes while waiting for the game to let you fight the boss.

On the other hand, I’ve changed my mind, DK’s weight is fine. The issue with DKCR is the godawful rocket levels. These are beyond bad. I can’t even fathom how these levels were ever considered a good idea.

Okami is still super fantastic. The game plays wonderfully when you aren’t shaking your wrist like a dumbass for every basic action.