many miraculous mega men


Mario is an invincible god

Mega Man isn’t very good, but he isn’t as bad as I feared.

We’ll see how it goes when I fight a human opponent though.

i want to complain about Earthbound but i want to wait and see if something happens that makes it get better

this isn’t even a poor start, the start was good, it’s the part immediately after the start that is awful

I also simply cannot beat All-Star mode as Kirby. Not on Normal anyway, and I refuse to go any lower. There is just no progress to be made there.

the events in melee are super bullshit 64. so many of the later ones increase the difficulty by seemingly giving the CPU more knockback power and giving them absolutely perfect reaction time, and also making it so they ALWAYS run to pick up Pokeballs even though they ignore most other items.




Seems about right.


Coming through with the wrecking crew

Get ready

nothing was bad

super stupid

oh im dumb

i think if i had time travel powers i would sooner try to travel back to yesterday morning and enable club nintendo e-mail notifications than I would travel to october 3rd