i can at least understand legends sort of because its ~niche~ and its really hard to fit a whole ps1 game through the tube connecting capcom and sony but why are the X games not fucking there???? I don’t need them but still why??

why is legedns 2 one hundred dollars capcom why do you have to make it hard for me to play the games you ALREADY made just send all of your ps1 mega man games over to sony on a fucking usb stick so i can buy them

also were they seriously ported over one by one and not in a bundle?

i can ascertain that these NES mega man games were ported to the PS1, at least in japan considering they’re only in japanese, but it’s the principle of the matter

are you trying to tell me that not a single PS1 mega man game, of which there are a fair number, can be purchased from the PS1 section of the playstation store

not even one of them is there, and in fact, NES mega man games are there


I didn’t finish Mega Man 8, but I got to the final boss and decided I’d seen enough to decide the game is totally terrible. A PS1 game adhering so strictly to “tradition” set in place exclusively by NES hardware limitations is unacceptable, and the levels and bosses were awful.

the other odd level is Cyber Peacock’s, but I’m less certain on whether that one is bad or not. it’s really just rewards for going fast, but I’m a bit of a sucker for things that give me S ranks lately, the requirements are quite lenient, it’s it’s a far less obtrusive gimmick than the jet bike.

jet stingray’s level and fight are trash through and through, however.

some of level design in X4 is weird and/or bad, but it’s not terrible overall. I’m not a fan of the look of the game. Some of the controls are pretty wonky, it seems like you stick to walls too easily when you don’t want to, which can make you shoot opposite where you wanted, and the glide armour in storm owl’s stage seems to have some crazy input delay on or after some actions. The controls problems might be a combination of my lack of experience with the game as well as the visual design of the game making it harder to judge hitboxes.

mega man X4 is substantially easier as X.