many miraculous mega men


I can actually feel DmC improving as I play it, but not enough. Unless I unlock the ability to lock on to enemies I don’t think it’ll ever really be comparable to the other games. I set it to the hardest immediately available difficulty, which isn’t as hard as Normal in all the other games, style is accrued super easily, the upgrade screen is stupidly bloated with “level 2” versions of pretty much every move (sometimes even level 3s) that almost always just increase the damage. The key and door system for secret missions isn’t very good, and looking for lost souls is pretty lame considering the effect finding them has.

I should clarify, they could have tricked me into buying the game had it not come to light that they already had shown off all the characters before release

they could have at least tricked me into buying it by not showing off all of the characters before release

I went from not giving a shit about Hyrule Warriors, to thinking, hey this actually might be pretty alright i mean yeah, to thinking, who gives a shit about Hyrule Warriors in the span of roughly two weeks

There are over a dozen areas to the basic Internet in BN1, but you barely need to explore it at all to progress the story. Most of the game takes place in self-contained networks that basically function as their own levels with unique mechanics. Considering how fucking impossible it is to navigate the regular internet, I don’t exactly mind that you don’t spend much time in it, but the end result is finishing the game feeling like I missed a lot of stuff. I don’t even have half of the battlechips, only fought one ghost navi, ended at just a smidge over half my possible max HP and with a handful of missing buster powerups, not to mention never coming across half the armours.

I can’t believe how short Battle Network 1’s story is

13 hours to finish for an rpg is nothinjg

its not very good

i bought Devil may Cry: Devil May Cry today

I suppose regarding my comments a while ago about how well Battle Network 1 holds up on its own, the game would be absolutely decimated if it had a traditional battle system. The encounter rate is actually fairly high. It gets a bit annoying, but thankfully the fights are fun (when you aren’t backtracking through early game areas).

Also, I cannot believe one of Capcom’s “we’re releasing a mega man game every thursday in august for the virtual console” games is motherfucking Battle Chip Challenge. In terms of real games, they haven’t released Mega Man 6, 7, X3, or any GBA games besides Battle Network. I was expected to be disappointed by one of the NES or SNES games I already own being put up rather than say, BN2 or MMZ. I was not expecting Battle Chip fucking Challenge.

Battle Network 1 doesn’t show its age nearly as much when it’s been years since you’ve played any of its successors. There are a few things I’ve missed, you can’t counter hit, the undernet looks just like the regular net, and there’s no program advance list in your library, but otherwise it doesn’t feel like I’m playing a super dated game. It definitely stands up alright on its own.