many miraculous mega men


I’m having a hell of a time trying to piece together how far I got into Okami the first time. I’m not far now and I wasn’t far then but I suppose I’ll still make a spoiler cut

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the mole fight was almost as bad at the crab fight, until I decided to chance it and realized you can totally roll, jump, and hover from your cart over to the rest of the carts from max distance and not have to dodge pickaxes while waiting for the game to let you fight the boss.

On the other hand, I’ve changed my mind, DK’s weight is fine. The issue with DKCR is the godawful rocket levels. These are beyond bad. I can’t even fathom how these levels were ever considered a good idea.

Okami is still super fantastic. The game plays wonderfully when you aren’t shaking your wrist like a dumbass for every basic action.

What did you allegedly think
this is all theoretical dream-based hearsay based on events that nobody can confirm transpired, but,

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i tried to play devil may cry 2


I also think I’ll just stick with DMC3 for a while rather than getting 4 as soon as possible.

I’m at mission 20 in DMC3, I gave it a shot but died three times and I’ve been playing for two and a half hours and its 4am so I figure I’ll finish it off tomorrow.

DMC3 is a game I’m excited about getting good at, but, and maybe this is my misconception, it feels like if I really wanted to, I’d want to have all of the tools to do so, and have them at their maximum potential, AKA all of the skills and fully upgraded guns and styles and devil trigger, and when I think about getting all that it seems like it’ll be a bit of a grind.

But I guess I have no intention of Getting Good at normal mode, so I have to play through whatever difficulties exist above that through anyway. I can probably get everything. But it wasn’t until Mission 19 that I bought my first double jump. 20,000 orbs is a really daunting price for the ability to jump again. But in spite of how innocuous that sounds I’ve already felt how useful that is just as an avoidance tool.

I’m not actually talking shit about trickster, it’s really good and I enjoy the additional mobility, but too often I’ve been having trouble with bosses and come to the conclusion that this would be immediately easier with trickster, and that’s kind of soured me on it because I want to try other things and also challenge myself.

I am talking shit about gunslinger. Putting gunslinger on is the most efficient way to ensure the circle button never gets pressed. Unless gunslinger style attacks get you hella style points (because they are pretty cool), it’s easily the most worthless.

DMC3 style thoughts

Trickster: easy mode

Swordmaster: balanced good style

Gunslinger: whatever

Royal Guard: radical (i’m bad at it)

Quicksilver: i feel like i’m cheating