many miraculous mega men

Sep 2

i was wondering why my groceries were so much cheaper this last time than usual, but i just realized the only thing i bought that i can eat without cooking it is peanut butter sandwiches

Sep 2

i also accidentally deleted my roommate’s save data within like 20 minutes of playing. oops.

he wasn’t very far anyway

Sep 1

i can’t quite tell yet how hard in the paint i’m gonna go with the sidequests, i’ve heard about people burning out by trying to do them all, but after all these action games i kind of want to just get neck deep in an RPG for a little while

Sep 1

i witnessed about 4 hours of the monados power

Sep 1

God Mega Man X6 is dogshit.

I’m glad I was able to discover that the best way to beat mission 20 on hard as vergil is to just use yamato’s ranged ball of cutting thing at every opportunity

starvation is over

i also found out that the last two burger patties i’ve had sitting in the freezerfor months don’t expire until next year and that’s the second best thing

i just found out that someone opened up a convenience store in my apartment building

this is the greatest thing that hasd ever happened

after watching my roommate decide to play through crown of the old iron king on NG with a mundane dagger i think i’ve determined that 100% of my experiences were due to it being NG+, even though he had a harder time in sunken king on NG than I did on NG+