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This looks like a whole lot of a game. I’d hazard a guess that the adventure mode makes up most of the game, with the story mode serving as little more than a lengthy tutorial, flashier way to unlock characters, and a money sink for all those CG cutscene bucks.

After looking at Hyrule Warriors’ adventure mode, my primary concern now is that the sheer breadth of game content will vastly outstrip the game mechanics’ ability to support it.

i’m more hyped for sheik’s two new moves in smash 4 than i am for the entirety of greninja, best gen6mon 2013-2014

but for realsies sheik is cool i love sheik she’s fun to play as in smash bros and she’s fun to play as in hyrule warriors.

i don’t remember if i ever blogged about it, but trying to go through the subspace emissary on this mini-quest to quickly run down each smash game before smash 4 comes out is the worst hell i could have inflicted upon myself. When I played the mode for the first time years ago, the novelty appealed to me. In hindsight my thoughts were, that wasn’t really very good but whatever, but replaying it is a nightmare. Maybe it’s because I’ve been co-oping it with my roommate that it feels this bad. Like I not only am not having fun myself but I feel as though I’m inflicting this upon someone else as well. Usually doing shitty things multiplayer is fun but it barely feels like multiplayer. It feels like we both just happen to be going thbrough the same mode at the same time.

i’ll also ashamedly admit that one reason i was so willing to just blow the ass out of my wallet was because i knew that a majora’s mask dlc pack was gonna come out. what i didnt know was that it was coming out in like february.

I had Hyrule Warriors on the radar for a little while, then decided I didn’t give a shit when I saw the full character selection, then today I had to go into the city to get a couple of food items and some laundry money, realized the game comes out today, and said, what the hell, i don’t need my money, i’ll just buy this video game.

It’s not bad actually. I wasn’t expecting much because I’d looked at it as just cleaving through dumb hordes of nothing, but I didn’t consider the possibility that this is the case to benefit the long-game each map has with regards to maintaining keeps and whatever.

How fun the game is to actually control depends entirely on the character. The movesets are limited, but with some character you feel it more than others. Fi’s basic regular combo just goes on and on and doesn’t feel like it’s doing much, but Link and Sheik feel strong and relatively quick. Link really feels the best in terms of just efficient mass murder, but Sheik is the funnest I think. Haven’t played as a lot of the characters yet. I think I’ve only played as Link, Impa, Sheik, and Fi, actually.

I’m enjoying what I’ve played and what’s left in front of me, but I was under the impression there was some kind of scoring system in play besides how many bonus rupees you get, and I haven’t seen that come up at all. Some A or S or gold ranks to work toward would really help the game for me I think.

Of those three games, Earthbound, Xenoblade, and Persona 3, all of which I’d started recently, Earthbound certainly made me the angriest more often, but it also did a much better job of keeping my attention and making me actually want to keep playing compared to the other two.

I gotta say my interest in playing P3P died when I found out how many floors of tartarus there were, and my interest in Xenoblade just gradually faded after the prologue when the scope of the game relative to its pacing became apparent.

Now to finish Xenoblade Chronicles and P3P

Earthbound was ultimately very, very good.